2013 F.N.Q Minjin / Enduro Cup Finale!

By October 31, 2013Uncategorized

G’day everyone!
Incase you think we have forgotten, we are ready and set to hold the last round of the 2013 F.N.Q Minjin / Enduro Cup!!

We apologise for all the set-backs, it’s been a full-on season and last couple of months especially as the club has been overwhelmed and preoccupied with the exciting upgrades happening through the park!

A mix up of dates, so pay attention…

DH will be run first, Sunday November 10. Same place, same time, same format.. you know the deal!

Enduro will be the least event to cap off the series, held the same day as the AGM; Sunday November 17.
Racing will be during the morning, kicking off from 9am!
Course will be announced very shortly, so keep tuned!

All results from the series will be tallied/updated and overall winners announced that afternoon for the AGM yearly results!

Big thanks to Larry and the crew at Discovery Cycles for their support over the year!! We hope everyone has liked the new formats of racing, and we hope you can all make it along for one more round!


DH Registration:


Enduro Registration: