2013 Results Summary

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Below is a list of results for all events run by the Cairns Mountain Bike Club for 2013.

Pump N Pedals Cross Country (XC) Club Championships – 5 Rounds Complete


XC1 – Davies Creek (Sunday 24th March)
XC1 – Final Classification
XC1 – Lap Records

XC2 – Davies Creek (Sunday 7th April)
XC2 Classification
XC2 Lap Records

XC3 – Smithfield Trails (Sunday 5th May)
XC3 Results by Category
XC3 Lap Records

XC4 – Smithfield Trails (Sunday 11th August)
XC4 Category Results
XC4 Lap Records

XC5 – Smithfield Trails (Sunday 8th September)
XC5 Category Results
XC5 Lap Records

Discovery Cycles Downhill (DH) Club Championships

DH Round 1 Category Results
DH Round 2 Category Results
DH Round 3 Category Results
DH Round 4 Category Results
DH Round 5 Category Results

Club Enduro Championships

Enduro Round 1 Results
Enduro Round 2 results
Enduro Round 3 Results
Enduro Round 4 Results
Enduro Round 5 Results

Discover Cycles 2013 F.N.Q Enduro / Minjin Cup Overall Rankings

2013 F.N.Q Minjin Cup Overall Rankings
2013 F.N.Q Enduro Cup Overall Rankings