Beat the Heat

By December 19, 2012June 15th, 2017Trail Alliance, Uncategorized

Summer is well and truly upon us in the Far North with the humidity set to climb further over the next few months. While it is the off season for the Club, we know that won’t stop most of you getting out on your bike and enjoying rides for fun, or maybe even base training for the 2013 season.

Tony Scott (CEO of MTBA) has compiled a great article on cycling on hot weather, and something you should read and take note of in this part of the world.

Remember to enjoy your time on the trails this summer, hydrate and take extra note of when you or your riding buddies may be experiencing the symptoms of heat stress. Avoid riding in the heat of day where possible and what’s better than an early morning ride as the sun comes up, or a late afternoon spin before the sunsets (just make sure you don’t get lost in the dark though).

Happy Trails