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The Cairns Mountain Bike Club takes injuries and concussion seriously. We all want our members to enjoy riding and racing bikes for LIFE. Sometimes the road to recovery is bumpy but we’re here to support members and families to get back on the bike sooner with education, support network and with our policies and procedures.

Mountain Biking inherently comes with the risk of serious injury, including head injury and concussion. As concussions cannot completely be prevented, it is the club’s responsibility to ensure riders who have sustained a concussion are sat out after the concussion occurred and directed to follow up appropriately to reduce the risk of long-term consequences. With adequate follow up care, nearly all concussions have a good outcome.

The Cairns Mountain Bike Concussion Policy describes the framework of how the club will manage a rider that has sustained a suspected concussion.

The policy is based on the Auscycling Concussion Policy 2020 and the Australian Institute of Sport “Australian Concussion Guidelines for Youth and Community Sport” 2024.

Both sources, as well as this policy, are intended to support the rider in their safe return to sport and to reduce the risk of long-term consequences.

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