The first Enduro race of the 2017 Cairns MTB  just been run and won it was a hot and sweaty affair, Riders met and collected race plates just after lunch with a few nervous faces waiting to see what the race would have instore for them
Riders set off for the Stage 1 at 3pm Pedalling their way up to the iconic rocky dingo stage,
Elite riders were first off rank with most riders having a clean run, there was reports of Dustin Michna doing a bit of cross training having to run to bottom half of the stage due to a flat tyre
Stage 2 saw the riders on a new stage for this season.
Short stage with not much down but plenty of speed to be had fi you could keep the leg turning..
Riders Raced from Top of First finger out to the world cup event site via the green fields.
The finish saw many a relived faces to see that stage done , leaving many gasping for breath and on the hunt for water.
Stage 3 start awaited riders at the top of the nationals Downhill track, between them and the final stage was a hot and sweaty struggle/death march up the shuttle access road.
What felt like forever riders finally reach the start with many looking like they had just been for a swim.
Riders had a short rest and it was Go time, they set off down the trail with everything they had left in the tank. this stage saw riders hitting the new section beside happys with riders keen to see who could get down it clean. Saddies is a raw mix of old school off camber with just the right mix of steep,
Spectators lined the final section of the trail cheering on their favourite rider, few snappy corners and a final sprint to the finish and race day was done.
Massive thanks to all the Volunteer Stage starters and finishers and all the helpers