Sat 14 Dec, 2019

Venue: Smithfield MTB Park - World Cup Site

2020 is fast approaching and we are looking to fill club committee positions so we can have an amazing 2020 year. The end of year AGM will take place at the World Cup site in the Smithfield MTB park at 3pm (in the shade!!).
If you’re interested in being involved with the club in an official role have a look at the available roles below. You will be required to submit an expression of interest to the club secretary at secretary@cairnsmtb.com before the AGM on the 14th December for eligibility, by using the form below.


The president is the “public face” of the club. He/she has the overall responsibility of providing leadership and direction in growing and developing the club and ensuring that the club is run for the benefit of all members. The president’s duties include:
– Building on and forming relationships with key groups within the mountain biking community and wider Cairns community.
– Overseeing and assisting with club events.
– Ensuring Cairns MTB Club conducts its activities in accordance to specified permit conditions.
– Ensuring Cairns MTB Club follows Queensland National Parks policies and guidelines for the environmental management of the national park in which the Smithfield Mountain Bike Park is situated.
– Managing the club’s Social Media and Website platforms including working with parties concerned to ensure results and information are posted in a timely manner.


In addition to providing team support and advice for the President:
– Deputise for the President when he/she is not available.
– Represent the club at meetings with key groups when requested by the President or the Management Committee.
– Assist with the organisation and running of any club events including taking a leadership role if needed.


The secretary’s role includes (but is not limited to):
– Call club meetings; prepare notices of the meetings and the business to be conducted in consultation with the President.
– Attend all meetings and keep accurate records of those meetings.
– Keep copies of all correspondence and other documents relating to the club.
– Maintain an accurate register of all members of the club.
– Coordinate, write and submit applications for grants and funding from various sources.
– prepare grant applications and submit funding applications, help with managing acquittal advice.
– provide guidance and support to the executive and prompt action items and action plans.


The role of our club treasurer is to manage and control the club finances to ensure the club is and will remain in a sound financial position. This can include:
– Preparing budgets and projections.
– Providing timely information to the management committee and members.
– Maintaining Club bank account(s).
– Paying approved expenditure.
– Collecting all moneys due.
– Providing monthly reports for the management committee.
– Ensuring all legal requirements relating to the finances of the club are met including GST reports and the provision of an audited annual financial report for presentation at the club’s AGM.
– Maintains knowledge of MTBA membership and race fees system and helps ensure compliance with MTBA rules and insurances for Club events.
– supports other executive with timely information for grant applications and assists with acquittals.


– Oversee and coordinate the running of all racing for the year including the annual Cross-country, downhill and Enduro series with support from the management committee.
– Ensure there is a minimum of three races to be held in each disciplines.
– Ensure that each event is run to a professional standard and complies with MTBA rules and regulations for these events.
– Appoint a qualified Commissaire for each event.
– Coordinate and roster event helpers / volunteers for each event, to assist with course marking and maximise safety for all riders in the event.
– Ensure that appropriate first aid/ambulance support is available before any event is held.


– Organise and run regular working bees throughout the year and additional ones as required.
– Ensure the working bees are slotted into the club’s calendar.
– Ensure Smithfield MTB Park is maintained at a professional standard and all work complies with National Parks, JCU or CRC environmental policies/requirements or otherwise.
– Report regularly to the club president and management committee on progress or any issues that may develop.


This position is available to any member over the age of 18 (male or female). The main duties are to:
– Attend Monthly meetings and raise any issues, concerns or requirements that may be coming from the greater riding community.
– Help ensure to club grows and develops to the greater benefit of all users.
– Participate in the decision making processes of the club management committee.

If you don’t want to take on an official role but would still like to help out please send a email to  secretary@cairnsmtb.com with what you would like to be involved in helping out with more hands helping make for a great club and we can achieve more for the MTB community!