2021 Cross Country Round 4

Sun 29 Aug, 2021

Venue: Smithfiled MTB Park

Racing From: 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Welcome to Round 4 of the Cairns MTB Club cross Country race series

Cranker of course for round 4 with a close replica of the 2017 world cup course— THIS IS AN AFTERNOON RACE
you will tackle all the main feature of the world cup course
Rodeo drop

Lots of good climbs and even better down sections, see full course info below


Entry Categories & Pricing

Entry CategoriesRegular
Juniors U17 /U15 /U13$20
Seniors U19$30


Entered & can’t make it?¬†An automated refund is available using the EntryBoss’ Scratching mechanism. Please note the scratching cut-off because non-attendance refunds after this time are at the discretion of the event organisers and may require a medical certificate.

Race Schedule

Plate Collection 130pm-145pm

Riders Briefing 145pm-2.00pm

Racing from 2.00pm


Event site/ plate collection World cup event site located behind the James Cook University Campus ( the big Gravel area)

Course INFO

Length of lap 3.9km

Trail Grade – Green/blue trails

Course Run Down

he course start point is just below the bridge, as per XC3, same orientation.

Then the two 90 degree left turns on to the top bench, reverse VEMASS, exiting left through the old feed zone

Hard right up the access track to climb Centipede, as far as the bal out link on the climb to Caterpillars( miss jacobs ladder) down Caterpillars.

Left at the berm along the ring road to the climb up to Rodeo drop (opposite the VEMASS exit).

Rodeo drop, python steps, Cadels,

Whiskers, over the bridge and down Centipede,

Hard left on to the downhill track and over the bridge through the start/ finish area.

We’ll have a B-line to avoid Rodeo Drop for those that don’t feel comfortable with the jump or roll over line.

Race categories,

can expect 30-60mins racing juniors and 60-90min Elite and Age groups as per Auscycling XCO Guidelines

Elite male/ Female
Expert (19-29)
Masters 1/2 (30-39)
Masters 3/4 (40-49)
Masters 5/6 (50-59)
Masters 7+ (60+)
E-Bike (16+)

Lap Numbers
Will be Advised on Facebook day or 2 before the event

Event Site Start Finish 2021 Cross Country Round 4

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