Enduro Round 1

Sun 02 Jun, 2019

Venue: Smithfield Mountain Bike Park - Nationals Club Site

Rego From: 8am

Racing From: 8:40am to 12pm

Welcome to race #1 of the Discovery Cycles 2019 Enduro Series

Race #1- Smithfield MTB Park


New to enduro? Come do the first 2 stages at a reduced cost!! Come and see how you go and get a taste of all the fun.

Elite and U19 riders will do 5 stages
All other classes will do 4 stages

This event is full-face helmet compulsory

Course start/finish signs will be out from the weekend before the event so get out there and check the stages out!

Course Map:

Course Details:
Stage 1– Ocean view – crocs teeth – croc slide – centipede – finish at the world cup downhill track junction

Stage 2– Rocky Dingo – crocs teeth – croc slide – jacobs ladder – caterpillers – vmass – finish at the world cup event site

Stage 3– Happies – MP39 – stumpies – finish at rock junction

Stage 4– (ELITE/U19 ONLY)-  Worlds start at cyclone bridge – vines – finish at world cup site

Stage 5– Nationals track start from above rock garden – finish at club site


Event Site Start Finish Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 (Elite / U19 Only) Stage 5

Click Trail / Stage icons to reveal details & elevation chart