Enduro Round 3

Sun 22 Sep, 2019

Venue: Mcalister Brewery, Smithfield

Rego From: 8:00am

Racing From: 8:40am to 1:00pm

Welcome to the 3rd & final round of the Discovery Cycles Enduro Series!

All riders will do the full 5 stages and we recommend that you practice all stages before race day.

For some, Stage 1 & 2 may be unfamiliar so we require you do at least one practice run on these. Do not ride these blind on the day!

Course Details

Course start & finish signs are out on course now – but here is a rundown on each stage:

  • Stage 1 Transit: follow the marked route from Macalister Brewery via Stanton road +Chatham Terrace to get to the start of stage 1. NOTE – if you don’t follow this route you will be disqualified from the event with no refund.
  • Stage 1: Kuranda Downhill from above mad-dog. The course is marked all the way down to finish in the forest before the road. DO NOT EXIT ONTO THE ROAD.
  • Stage 1-2 Transit: Follow the link trail onto Knight Road and continue along the marked route into the Smithfield MTB Park. There will be a transit shuttle taking riders to the top of the Worlds Access Road for Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Starting on Worlds DH, you will ride all the top corners, take an adjusted line through the rock garden & past alien tree. Continue down the track and  take a hard left turn on the first roller into an old access road and onto some new single track. Follow the single track all the way down to the water tank, go around the back of the tank then cross the access road into the next section of single track to finish before coming onto the access road again.
  • Stage 3: Rocky dingo full trail. Continue into centipede, turning onto the Worlds DH finish straight finishing on the bridge.
  • Stage 4: Pipeline full descent. Take the fast road exit (old Barramundi climb), exit onto ring road turning left towards the Worlds Site finishing on the bridge.
  • Stage 5: Nationals DH starting from above rock garden. Take the left exit after the rock garden crossing the Access Road into Happys. Exit Happys into MP39, turning right at the end to finish at the Nationals Club Site.

Course Stats (not including transits):

  • Total Course Length: 7.95km
  • Total Course Elevation Drop: 911m
  • Total Course Elevation Gain: (approx) 50m

Click here to download Enduro3 course map

Event Site Start Finish Stage 1 Transit Stage 1 Stage 1-2 Transit Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5

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