Enduro Round 3

Jul 29, 2017

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  • February 23, 2017

    The Enduro Round 3 is a full face helmet compulsory event.

    Click this link to register: https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=3948

    This event will be run from the Club site at the bottom of Nationals (Stingers) and everything will start and finish from there.

    Race stages are as follows:

    STAGE 1

    Top of Red Ringer (Blakeys Bluff/Panguna ridge) descend down via
    Panguna Ridge
    Ocean view
    Crocs teeth
    Crocs Slide
    Jacobs ladder
    Onto the world cup down finish straight, take a right hand turn at the end onto the ring road, pedal the ring road till the (first finger) drops out, cut in via the narrow tree trail onto the green fields trail, pedal that trail till you finish back at the world cup event site.
    Finish is when you hit the gravel

    STAGE 2

    Black snake trail via Red belly(exit trail) to the carpark.

    STAGE 3

    Start below rock garden on Nationals (opposite Happys entry)
    Descend Nationals trail all the way to club site, before the last berm go around the back (on the left) to join onto MP#39, finish via the small wooden bridge.

    Rego at 2 pm with racing by 2.30pm
    Enduro racing suits all types of riders from beginner to advanced, we race the trails you ride every day
    Drinks will be available for sale.

    You must be a current member of an MTBA affiliated club

    If you are not a member please join during the registration process.  Annual Membership of Cairns Mountain Bike Club Inc – $30.00  All entrants must have MTBA Day Licence Fee for an additional $25.00 plus club membership or an annual MTBA Licence for $76.00 Junior and $110.00 Senior, plus club membership.

    Any questions please email: info@cairnsmtb.com