Smithfield MTB Park update trail map from July 2017

Updated Smithfield Trail Map – July 2017

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Check out the updated Smithfield Trails map to the right of this post.

Please be aware of the trail classification system. There are trails at Smithfield MTB Park ranging from beginner level (green) through to the most advanced level (double black diamond). We ask all riders to please ride within their own ability, and take care when riding any of the trails in the Smithfield area.

If you would like a refresher on trail signage, click here.  Make sure you are aware of the IMBA rated trail grading system and the signs you are likely to come across whilst riding the Smithfield trails.

Please be kind to the trails, we ask that you limit your use of the trails after heavy rainfall. Respect any trail closures and always remember rule 2 of the IMBA rules of the trail, ‘Leave No Trace’.

Volunteer applications now open for 2017 UCI MTB World Championships

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Sign up and be involved with this great event. Let’s make it the best one yet.

The volunteer applications for the 2017 UCI MTB World Championships Cairns are now open! Being a part of the event promises to be an exciting and rewarding experience, and as a volunteer, you’ll also receive a heap of freebies.

PLUS you’ll have the chance to help us Fundraise! Make sure you select “Cairns MTB Club” when you register and we’ll receive $20 for every shift you cover.

Find out more at

Photo Gallery – 2017 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games Cross Country

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A great race last month and we’ve got some more photos to give you an even better picture of the event.

Huge thanks to Cairns Regional Council and the Great Barrier Reef Masters Games Coordinators for the photos.


RESULTS – 2017 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games Cross Country (XCO)

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RESULTS – 2017 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games Cross Country (XCO)

A stunning day and a cracker of a race at the Smithfield Mountain Bike Park today. Huge thanks to all involved.

Barrier Reef Masters XC Lap Records

Barrier Reef Masters XC Category Classification

Barrier Reef Masters XC Overall



Prime Constructions – XC Round 4 2017 Results & Wrap

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Category Results

Lap Records

Series Tally after Round 3

The 21st of May 2017 bought the last round of the Prime Constructions FNQ 2017 XC series to Smithfield MTB Park.  The premier MTB event site in the North. Home to the 2017 UCI MTB World Championships.

As expected, Dom Hoyle (Giant- Bicycle Centre) dominated the day in the elite men, with the absence of the Rubachs from Townsville. Bernard Cossar-Smith (Trek – Discovery Astute Financial Racing Team) in a strong second place with Tim Flemming. Special mention to Lincoln Carolan (Merida-  Bicycle Central on Mulgrave) who came in a close fourth after having also raced in the Cairns Cycling Club Criterium earlier in the morning.

Only two women braved the day of racing with Sarah Kaehler taking out elite women and Jodi Brown taking out the Masters Women. Jodi’s husband taking out the Masters men, Shawn Garraway in the Vet Men, Warren Pike in the Super Masters Men and Rod Tindale in the Grand Masters men. Nathan Clohesy taking the win in the Sport class, Harry Sandilant in the under 15 and Jim Carlsson in under 17.  A excellent day of racing with the perfect course for a perfect day. Not much climbing but heaps of funky flowing downhill runs.

With the days racing done it was now time to announce the series winners. With the requirement that all riders must complete at least 3 rounds to be considered for the series results some categories and riders fell short despite strong showings early in the season.

In Elite Female the Series winner was Anita Narula (Giant/Liv – Bicycle Centre Cairns) with no other prizes awarded.  Elite Male winner was Dom Hoyle (Giant – Bicycle Centre Cairns), second place was Daniel Rubach (Rocky Mountain – Crank’d Cycles Townsville) and third place to Tim Fleming.  In Vet Men Shawn Garraway took the series win with Adrain Tarca and Brett Welch taking second and third place. Masters Female series was won by Jodi Brown and husband, Paul, has taken out the Masters Men, seems winning is in the family.  Chris Petrie taking second for the series and Darren Cousins sneaking into the 3rd place with consistent results across the series.

In Super Masters Men, Peter Craig and Warren Pike have been battling out the season with Peter taking the series win over Warren and Ken Davidson taking out 3rd. Joel Groberg takes the win for Grand Masters men with Michael Mehonoshen in 2nd and Glen Mills with a series 3rd place.  Young Townsville rider Nathan Clohesy dominated Sport Male across the series and can thank that in part to supportive parents, who have made the effort to take him to every event in the series.  Excellent commitment from Team Clohesy, well done guys.  2nd place goes to Brettt Carlsson and 3rd to Vince Marcel.  Travis Cummings taking out the U17 male and Harry Sandilant taking out U15 male.

Cairns MTB Club would like to thank Tableland Cycle Sports, Cassowary Coast Multi Sport and Mareeba Mountain Goats for their support of the XC Regional series concept and its success.

On behalf of all of the Clubs we would like to thank Prime Constructions for their support and the efforts of all volunteers at each of the clubs who have put on a spectacular event and contributed to the success of the series.  We would also like to thank all the riders and their supporters for travelling our beautiful region to ride bikes.

A special mention to Megan from the Mareeba Mountain Goats, who has been the timing guru for all of the events, with some help from her partner, Rudi.  We would also like to thank Drew White for his behind the scenes help with coordination.  Big thanks to Andy Taylor from Prime Constructions for attending and presenting the winning prizes.

Plans are afoot for an even bigger Series for 2018.  Prime Constructions have pledged their support for our concept to make the racing bigger by adding in another race and upping the stakes.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in 2018 for another Regional adventure on our bikes.

If you haven’t already, make sure you get your rego in for the Masters Games this weekend.  The registration closes on Thursday 25th May, click the link to register –

RRR in a couple of weeks and put some time aside for the UCI MTB World Championships 5-10 September.  Be a volunteer and get in free to watch the best riders in the World battle it out in one of the most beautiful Rainforests in the world for the coveted Rainbow Jersey.

See you on the trails.

Enduro& DH Round 2 Result

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Round 2 of the Enduro and Downhill Races were run and won on the weekend 6th-7th May.
Enduro saw a challenging course to push rider outside their comfort zone.
Stage 1 began with riders pushing up to the very top of the world-cup downhill track to ride a trail outside of the Smithfield mtb park. This trail was used in the MTBA Australian Enduro Championships race a few years back as the final stage.
Stage 2 tipped the riders against the ever challenging section of the park; “Vines”. This trail would showcase the riders with downhill skills as there is not much pedalling needed down the rough, narrow rainforest descent until the blast out to the finish line.
Stage 3 was a familiar run with riders making their way up to “Happys”, a regular stage in the series. With 40 riders and the shorter winter days taking over – the light was running out and with rain looming the unthinkable happened mid way through as the heavens opened and the rain started. This made conditions tricky not only with the worsening trail conditions, but with the fast fading light under the thick rainforest canopy.
The rain came down overnight with Sunday’s Downhill welcoming riders to a wet and muddy venue in the morning.
Practice got under way on time with riders getting used to the slippery conditions with the course holding up to the recent deluge better than expected. Conditions improved during practice with the rain holding off and the track beginning to dry out. Riders were confident of getting some fast race runs in to compete against previous best times.
Alas, this is Tropical North Queensland, and the heavens once again opened and rain belted down during the final practice runs. With track conditions deteriorating rapidly, and the shuttle road becoming dangerously wet, the decision was made to cut practice and jump straight into racing before it was too late.
All riders managed to get 2 race runs in with the weather clearing somewhat, although the rain had taken it’s toll on the course by now. Riders came through 1 by 1 with little incident through the finish line, covered head to toe in bright red mud – like only the Smithfield Mountain Bike Park can churn up.
In the end, it was a fair race with not one rider experiencing an advantage over another as the course became a slippery, muddy toboggan ride down the hill. Regardless, spirits were high and by all accounts – the day was a success with the added challenge of the weather leaving smiles on the faces of everyone. Who doesn’t love mud runs!?

Prime Constructions – XC Round 2 2017 Results & Wrap

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category results

lap records

Series Tally after Round 3 (1)

Once again, mother nature gave us a little reminder of why we love the tropics with a snappy shower 30 minutes before race start at Cardwell, as riders prepared for the rescheduled round 2 of the Prime Constructions FNQ XC Series.

Supporting family members watched on with amusement, as did the race organisers, as riders removed bikes from vehicles and dressed in the rain, all while standing in little puddles of water or mud.  Aaaahh this is mountain biking, this is gonna be fun.
55 riders braved the conditions and made the journey to beautiful Cardwell by the sea, Townsville riders also attended and it seemed the Rubach/Hoyle rivalry was brewing again, would Paul brown be able to repeat his good form from Davies creek to strengthen his series lead in the Masters Male category. Would Joel Groberg and Nathan Clohesy dominate the Grand Masters Male and Sport Male categories as they have all series?
All these questions and more would be answered in less than two hours.
The smell of the sea wafted across the start line as the riders nervously awaited their time to go.  Leaving in waves every two minutes, riders were on track by 2:06pm and by the end of the first lap it was obvious the late rain had laid down a challenge to the riders, similar to negotiating the Cairns Esplanade mud flats at low tide. Chain suck and muddy cleats being the order of the day.
Dom Hoyle (Giant, Bicycle Centre Cairns) went out hard in the first lap but by lap 5 had been caught by Jeff RUBACH (Rocky Mountain – Crank’d Cycles Townsville) and it was on this lap a mighty battle, the like not seen since Stannis Baratheon attempted to take the Iron throne from King Joffrey, was fought and won by the current series leader, Dom Hoyle, This has strengthened Hoyles hold over the series heading into the final round. Dan Rubach (Rocky Mountain-Crank’d Cycles Townsville) taking third. A good showing is needed by Jeff, in Cairns, to hold his third place in the series with Keiran Mouldy only two points behind.
In the ladies categories, Anita Narula (Giant-Bicycle Centre Cairns) took out the elite women, Jodi Brown took another win to dominate the Masters Female and Mia Buurford-Baynes took the win for the Sport Female. The junior categories provided wins to Harry Sandilant and Jim Carlsson in wet and windy conditions.
Grand Masters Male, with two 70+ riders competing, was once again dominated by Joel Groberg with Mick Mehonoshen and John Koerner taking the remainder of the podiums.
Sport Male, again saw young Townsville rider, Nathan Clohesy, take the win cementing his position in the series, the final round should be the one to watch as Brett Carlsson, Vince Marcel and Nathan Granata battle out for the rest of the podium.
Vet male turned into another royal battle with Shaun Garraway holding off Adrian Tarca until the last lap where, in his own words, “I ran out of legs” and Adrian slipped by to take the win.  This sets up another excellent final series race in Cairns.
Masters male had Paul Brown take 2nd to Jamie Burton, and Brendan Skerke (Trek-Discovery Cycles Astute Financial Racing) taking third.  This moves Brendan into third for the series, Hamish Guy in second and Paul Brown with a commanding lead.
Overall a tough race, made tougher by the mud.  The consensus was, this is a Mountain Bike race, and even though there was some mud in teeth, there were big smiles across the faces of all the riders as they crossed the finish line.  A big thank you to the Cassowary Coast Multi Sport Club for setting up the course and preparing the race, a fantastic effort and we are looking forward to going back there next year.  Don’t forget to check out the CCMSC website and facebook page for upcoming events such as Mamu to Mena.  The area around Cardwell is fill with rainforest, waterfalls and incredible trails for exploring.  Big thanks to Megan from the Mareeba Mountain Goats, our timing guru, who has been keeping the results in order and providing them quickly and efficiently.
Also thanks to Prime Constructions for their support for the series as we move to the final round at Smithfield Mountain Bike Park on the 21st of May.  Registrations will be up in the next week.  Race start will be from the Worlds Event site and series winners will be presented at the end of the race there will be random draws on the day as well.  This may take a little extra time so we ask for your patience on that day. Series prizes are for those who have completed 3 or more races in the series.  Make sure you check you status in the series.  Thanks to all the riders who came down to Cardwell and supported the event, particularly those from Townsville, who also had their first XC series race the following day.
See you all at Smithfield on the 21st.

XC Round 3 2017 Results & Wrap

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Round 3 Prime Constructions FNQ XC Race Series 2017: Davies Creek:
Sunday April 9 2017 and a crowd of 71 riders embarked on the journey up the hill to Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park, home of the Mareeba Mountain Goats MTB Club for the running of the 3rd round of the Prime Constructions FNQ XC Series for 2017.   A false start to round 2 in Cardwell due to Cyclone Debbie meant the riders had a longer break than expected.
No such problem for round 3 with the sun out, this is Mareeba, 300 sunny days a year.  Riders from as far afield as Townsville again showed up to test their skills and fitness.
In the Elite male category we saw the return of Lincoln Carolan (Merida-Bicycle Central on Mulgrave) returning from his 3rd place in the MTBA National XCO series, the Rubach Brothers (Rocky Mountain – Crankd Cycles Townsville) and unstoppable Dom Hoyle (Giant – Bicycle Centre Cairns). The Elite female also had a local favourite returning in Sarah KAEHLER (BMC – Bicycle Central on Mulgrave) and her sister Anita Narula (Giant – Bicycle Centre Cairns) with Kath Deed (Trek-Discovery Cycles).
Vet Men saw Shawn Garraway and Brett Welch as the ones to watch, with Peter Craig, Warren Pike and Rod Tindale in the Super Masters. Masters Male had a huge rider base and the over 60’s men, and even over 70’s were present.
The ladies categories were a little thinner but still racing hard.
By 9:04 all riders were on course and the Mareeba Mountain Goats President, Steve Soda had the timing tent ducking for cover as he tried to dispose of a wasp nest under the timing table with an aerosol can and lighter.  What could possibly go wrong?
In 20mins and 9 seconds Dom Hoyle stamped his dominance on the Davies Creek round with the fastest lap, leading by 30 seconds and managing to stretch it out to a 1minute and half in the 4 laps to take a comfortable win.  The real battle was between the Rubach boys and Linc Carolan with an unfortunate chain snap on lap 2 ending Jeffs day with Dan then left to battle Linc alone. After losing 20 seconds at the finish of lap 3 pulling a stick out of his rear wheel Linc managed to fight back and take Dan on the line to grab second spot for the day.
The elite female saw Anita Narula take the lead in lap 1 and was never headed with a strong finish ahead of Sarah Kaehler and Kath Deed taking up the remaining spots.  Sport ladies saw Claudia Pudelko take the win from jade Clohesy and Jodi Brown take the Masters Women.
The Brown family took double honours for the day with Jodi’s husband Paul, taking out the hotly contested Masters male ahead of Hamish guy and Peter Bridgewater, no mean feat given there were 17 riders in his category.
Vet male had a change of fortunes with Shawn Garraway taking this rounds win from Brett Welch, ahead of Adrian Tarca.  This should turn out to be an interesting series with these two guys taking a round each in the early part of the series.
Harry Sandilant took out the U15 male and Travis Cummings the U17 male.  Sport male was a close race with Nathan Clohesy taking the win from Nathan Granata and Brett Carlsson with only a couple of minutes between each rider. That also meant another successful family day with the two Townsville riders on the podium (Jade in the Sport Women as well).
Super Masters Male was very close with only a matter of seconds between eventual winner  Warren Pike only just squeezing out Peter Craig and Rod Tindale making up the 3.
The grand masters males saw Joel Groberg take the win, with a best lap of 25.45 from john Koerner and Glen Mills.
Big thank you to all the Volunteers and particularly Mareeba Mountain Goats who prepared a brilliant course for round 3.  Thanks to all the riders for taking part and a shout out to those who travelled far and wide to race up here. A special thanks to our Sponsor Prime Constructions for their support.  The series has $2000 in prize money plus other prizes for the series wins and places that will be decided at Smithfield MTB Park on 21 May.  Keep that date free.
Don’t forget that round 2 has been re-scheduled to Saturday the 22nd of April at 2:00pm, the registration link is still open at
so make sure you register and get down to Cardwell and support the series and the Cassowary Multisport Club.

DH 1 2017 – Results & Wrap up

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Gravity Season kicked off early this year with the wet season failing to fire we were blessed with a dry race to the reilf of many riders.
Practice got under way at 9am with 45 riders loading up to head up for first practice,With Reports back from riders the track was running super fast and holding up real well,
There was a good mix of bikes out on race day with a few guys out racing on their Enduro/trail bikes trying to take the top step on the podium from the bike squish Downhill bikes
Racing started just after lunch with riders even the chance to put down 2 race runs with the best time being counted, With all eyes on berend Boer to see if he could be it up to make it a clean sweep for the weekend.
Massive thanks to all the Volunteer marshals that were on course and the timing crew
Pic and Results Below
A full gallery has been uploaded by Melissa Popov. Check out her photog work and give her page a like here.

Enduro 1 2017 – Results & Wrap Up

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The first Enduro race of the 2017 Cairns MTB  just been run and won it was a hot and sweaty affair, Riders met and collected race plates just after lunch with a few nervous faces waiting to see what the race would have instore for them
Riders set off for the Stage 1 at 3pm Pedalling their way up to the iconic rocky dingo stage,
Elite riders were first off rank with most riders having a clean run, there was reports of Dustin Michna doing a bit of cross training having to run to bottom half of the stage due to a flat tyre
Stage 2 saw the riders on a new stage for this season.
Short stage with not much down but plenty of speed to be had fi you could keep the leg turning..
Riders Raced from Top of First finger out to the world cup event site via the green fields.
The finish saw many a relived faces to see that stage done , leaving many gasping for breath and on the hunt for water.
Stage 3 start awaited riders at the top of the nationals Downhill track, between them and the final stage was a hot and sweaty struggle/death march up the shuttle access road.
What felt like forever riders finally reach the start with many looking like they had just been for a swim.
Riders had a short rest and it was Go time, they set off down the trail with everything they had left in the tank. this stage saw riders hitting the new section beside happys with riders keen to see who could get down it clean. Saddies is a raw mix of old school off camber with just the right mix of steep,
Spectators lined the final section of the trail cheering on their favourite rider, few snappy corners and a final sprint to the finish and race day was done.
Massive thanks to all the Volunteer Stage starters and finishers and all the helpers

Results – Prime Constructions 2017 FNQ XC Series Race 1

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lap records updated

category results updated

After rain most of the week Atherton and Mother Nature found it in its heart to bless the 1st round of the Prime Constructions 2017 FNQ XC series with sunshine.  The tracks were prime, with a little bit of water flowing in the creek crossings, and the ever present croc hiding in Georges Pool.  The race was using sections of trails 1,2 and 3 of the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park, a 7.1km course set and prepared by the Atherton Crew, big thanks to Jeff Green and Knowlesy for their efforts with trail setup. A course that appeared deceptively flat but competitors were to find out rather quickly there was a climb hidden amongst the fun.

A massive 93 competitors were registered to race and organised and filed into race categories by the ever efficient timing team of Rudi and Megan for the Mareeba Mountain Goats. No easy feat.  The day was upon us, riders were ready and broken into 4 waves for the start.  Elite male to start first.  It was apparent from the start that the continued rivalry of Townsville versus Cairns (Rubach versus Hoyle) would be on again today.
With 14 categories to be contested it was going to be a big day of racing.  8am sharp the first of the waves is off at a hectic pace.  by 8:06 all riders are on track.  After 20minutes and 19 seconds Dominique Hoyle (Giant-Bicycle Centre) is leading the Rubach brothers (Rocky Mountain – Crankd Cycles) and Bernard Cosser-Smith (Astute Financial-Trek Racing) in elite male.  Anite Narula (Giant -Bicycle Centre) is dominating the female elite.
With a massive cross section of riders from Cairns, the Tablelands, Townsville and as far away as Mackay the pace was frantic in the start but it was apparent on the second lap that the sneaky long climb, hidden in trail 2 and 3 was taking its toll on the riders as full pace. With Gary Perkins (Bike Central on Mulgrave) marshalling the road crossing at the exit of trail 1 into trail 2 pointing out with the quote of the day:  “They were all smiles last lap but it seems they are not smiling anymore, i think this next bit hurts.”
The end of the race saw Dominique Hoyle (Giant- Bicycle Centre) dominate the Elite Male race with a convincing 2 and half minute win over the Rubach brothers from Townsville (Rocky Mountain – Crankd Cycles) in second and third. Anita Narula (Giant-Bicycle Centre) took out the elite female.  Gavin Scott (Giant – Bicycle Centre) taking out the Master male on a single speed. Travis Cummings taking out the hotly contested U15 Junior males and Richard Knowles from the Atherton Club taking out the Super Master Men. Veteran male taken out by the notable return of Brett Welch, a long time away but seems to have picked up where he left off, in winning form.
Full results for the day are now available with times and fastest laps for each category.  Big thanks to the Atherton Club for all of their assistance in putting the day together, in particular to the volunteers who manned the course and the ones who fed us with the best cooked sausages in the world.
Registrations are now open for round two of the Prime Constructions 2017 FNQ XC series to be held at Cardwell on the 26th of March.
Look forward to seeing you there.

Results for Cross Country Round 2 – 10/07/2016

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The second round of the 2016 Cross Country series was held on the Smithfield Trails on a beautiful North Queensland Winters  day. The 6km loop  included a new section of trail ‘red belly’, which was given the approval from all riders as fun and flowing.

There was plenty of quality racing today with a hotly contested Elite Men field. Early race leader and winner from round 1, Dominic Hoyal withdrew mid way through the second lap, with a mechanical. This left a bunch of 3 containing Oliver Phillips, Daniel Rubach and Jeff Rubach in contention for the win. The bunch stayed together until half way through the final lap, where Oliver launched his attack to bridge a gap on Daniel and Jeff. Oliver increased his lead for a comfortable win, completing 5 laps in a time of 1 hour 30 minutes 25 seconds. Taking out the sprint finish for second and third was Daniel Rubach, then Jeff Rubach respectively, some 45 seconds back. In the Elite Women, Sarah Kaehler took the win with 4 laps in a time of 1 hour 27 minutes 27 seconds.

It was great to see some close racing in the other categories and plenty of camaraderie and good cheer as everyone crossed the finish line. Results for the day are below by category as well as individual lap records.

XC2 Classification by Category

XC2 Lap Records

Thanks once again to all our volunteers who helped to mark out the course, setup the venue, be there for safety as course marshalls and make sure events like this run smoothly and safely. We are always in need of helpers, as without them, races won’t happen. The next XC will be confirmed soon, stay tuned to this website, facebook and the club emails for details.


Results for Downhill Round 2 – 19/06/2016

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The second round of the 2016 Cairns Downhill series was run in somewhat damp conditions on the Smithfield Nationals downhill course. This didn’t stop nearly 50 riders getting out there in the wet and muddy conditions to throw down some great times. Jordan Payn from Townsville took the top step in Elite Men, with a very respectable 2:53.11. Dylan McKenzie took 2nd place, some 6 seconds back and Yanni Marple took a very close battle for 3rd. Christel Dallozzo, also from Townsville took the win in the Elite Female category with a 3:33.44, closely followed by Kaitlin Lawlor only 1.6 seconds in 2nd place and Jacinta Pink rounding out the podium in 3rd.

Results from the day are below and well done to all those who took part.

2016 DH2 Category Results

2016 DH2 Overall Results

Once again a huge thanks for all of the volunteers and helpers for day, made a little more challenging by the rain. Stay tuned to the website and facebook for details of the next round of the club Downhill series



Image credit (Discovery Cycles) – Female and Male Elite Podiums

Results for Cross Country Round 1 – 10/04/2016

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XC1 Elite Men PodiumThe Cross Country season is off to a flying start in 2016, with round 1 being run on the somewhat damp Smithfield Trails. A few early morning showers kept things nice and slick on the 5km loop.

Results for the weekends racing are below, including individual lap records.


XC1 Classification by Category

XC1 Lap Records

The next event in the 2016 XC series is scheduled for the 8th May, with the race location to be confirmed.

Results for Downhill Round 1 – 03/04/2016 Smithfield

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Elite Men Podium

Results for Round 1 of the 2016 DH series are below, including by category, overall and a special set of results for Team Simpson. All three Simpson brothers, John, Connor and Nick took on the family challenge to see who is currently the fastest. John took the win by the way.

Well done to all those who raced today, some very close times on a dry and dusty National’s track. For the record Adrian Dawson kept his winning streak on the Smithfield Nationals DH track on course, taking the win in a time of 2:44.67. In second place just under 5 seconds back was Henry Blanch (2:49.19), with John Simpson (2:52.14) third, only 0.7 seconds ahead of 4th place Cody Mettam (2:52.83) and another second back to 5th place Dustin Michna (2:53.94).

In the Elite Women’s category, Christel Dallozzo put down an awesome time of 3:18.36, which put her mid field overall. Second place for the women was taken out by Jacinta Pink in a time of 3:32.04.

2016 DH1 Overall Results

2016 DH1 Category Results

2016 DH1 Family Results

The next DH event for Cairns is currently scheduled for the 22nd May. In the meantime, make sure you get your tickets or put your name down to volunteer out at the upcoming World Cup between the 20th to 24th April, right here in Cairns.

Thanks again to Larry, Stacey and all the volunteers, drivers and marshalls for helping out, as these races don’t happen with your support.

Photo Credit – May Wetterling (Facebook Image)

Results for Enduro Round 1 – Smithfield 02/04/2016

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Results for Round 1 are now online. Congratulations to all riders for another great days racing on the awesome Smithfield Trails.

Due to popular demand the Masters 3+ category for 40+ riders has been added to the schedule for 2016.

2016 Enduro Series Round 1 Results by Category

2016 Enduro Series Round 1 Results Overall

Round 2 for the Enduro Series will be held in Atherton on the Sunday the 17th April. Check out the facebook post for more information and entry details.

Working Bee – Jacobs Ladder

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The Smithfield Trails are open once again for the weekend of the 19-20 March and we’ll advise of any further trail closures in the event of weather or trail construction for the upcoming World Cup.

Huge thanks to the awesome turn out at the working bee this morning. Plenty of hands on deck to clean up Jacobs Ladder, which now has a new B line, and the original A line has had plenty of dirt and rock to clean it up.

Work has also been completed on Rodeo Drop and Python Steps sections of the Cross Country Course. Please have a look at first on any sections that look like they’ve had fresh work as they will be different to when you rode them last.
Happy Trails

Thanks to  Cairns MTB Trails Social Rides facebook page for the pic of the revamped Jacobs Ladder

Cairns MTBC 2016 Events Calendar

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2016 is shaping up to be a busy year for MTB in Cairns. Not only do we have the return of the UCI World-Cup right on our very own trails, the RRR & Crocodile Trophy; we are happy to offer you a stacked racing calendar for anyone not taking on the big league. Racing includes XC series, Enduro and DH series between Smithfield, Mareeba and Atherton parks. See something you like? Why not enter and give it a go!

Events calendar here

Keep an eye out for more news and info as we move into the year! NOTE – kids days / clinics have not been included into the calendar right now, but we wish to advise they will be running throughout the year, we are simply confirming dates.