New Trails | Centipede

By April 21, 2018News

Centipede | A Rainforest classic

Rider – Patrick Sheehan | photos – Reilly Hurst
We love new trails! Who doesn’t!? As park of the ongoing expansion of the Smithfield MTB Park, the club is working alongside¬†NPSR¬†to earmark and open a select network of brand new trails.

The first of which; ‘Centipede‘, is complete and open for business – and its brilliant! The trail features approximately 1.9kms of completely fresh, untouched rainforest singletrack. The first half steadily climbing up parallel to Caterpillars, before dissecting into either a top / bottom access to Jacobs ladder, or taking a set of tight switchbacks to lead you into the descent.

For a relatively short descent, it packs a stack of features and lines to keep you on your toes, and hollering out loud. Berms, banked rollers and reverse grades guide you through, around and down some beautiful rainforest – and If you keep an eye out, you’ll find some sneaky gaps between rollers!

Before you know it, you’re cruising down the lower flats of the trail where you meet the Moranas link trail towards Wobbegong.

Another exciting prospect for the trail, is welcoming a totally new event, and new riders to the region with the ReeftoReef MTB Stage Race taking part in the park, and sampling this very trail as part of Day 1. For more info on the ReeftoReef, head over to their website, and get yourself registered!

It’s been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of riding a completely new trail start to end in the park – and with your help we can continue this trend! The Trail Fund has surpassed $6000 and all proceeds go directly into the park, and to building more brand new trails!