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Rural  Rainforest  Reef

The 2013 RRR will be held on Sunday 2nd June and includes 35km and 70km courses.

Entries for the RRR can be done here http://regonline.activeglobal.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1113895. To complete the registration you will need to enter the CairnsQuicksilver Reef Swim – Green Island, The Cairns Post Run for Cairns and McDonalds Cairns Ironkids Triathlon. If you raced last year, you’ll probably have an account already setup, if not follow the prompts to enter the 35km or 70km RRR Events.

Date: Sunday June 2nd 2013

Start: Wetherby Station, 4km East from Mt Molloy along Wetherby Station Rd.
Registration for both distances will open at 7.30AM, closing at 8.30AM for 70km and 10.30AM for 35km
70km race will start at 9.00AM
35km race will start at 11.00AM

Finish: Port Douglas Surf Life Saving Club, 4 Mile Beach Port Douglas

Event Details: Official details and entries are available from the USM Cairns Adventure Festival website here

Event History : Australia’s longest running “Point To Point” mountain bike race turns 23 in 2013 and will follow the same course format of 2012, with the traditional 35km and an extended 70km.

Still set in the rural backdrops of Mt Molloy, The RRR will now begin at Wetherby Station. Wetherby Station is situated 4 km east of Mt Molloy township. It is The Rural in The Triple R! A magnificent property with 140 years of North Queensland copper, gold and grazing history. Set amongst lush gardens is the fabulous homestead built around 1878.

The homestead and the new Start line is situated right on the actual Bump Track that extended from the Hodgkinson Goldfields to Port Douglas. What we always called the Bump Track, [which was the steep decent into Craiglie]  is only a short portion of the 200km journey made by our ancestors nearly 150 years ago. The all new 70km race will take the riders into and over the heart of Wetherby Station’s 4000 acres, in approximately the 1st 35km’s, returning to the Station for a refuel before making their way toward the Rainforest trails atop the Great Dividing Range. Then dropping over the edge down the historical Bump Track to Craiglie and into Port Douglas finishing on the world famous 4 Mile Beach looking out over the Great Barrier Reef. 



Video: Check out theseYoutube videos from the 2011 and 2012 events.

2013 Course: If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can view a full interactive map of the 2013 Course here.

An overview of the course is on the right, click on the image for a larger version.

The 70km course starts at Weatherby Station and heads out on a 6km start loop bringing riders back through the start line to give spectators a look at the early big hitters. Then back along the start loop on the 2nd time, the course takes a left turn under the powerlines and follows a ridge line with heaps of new single track not included in 2012. Riders then turn back along an old railway line close to the main road. Riders will then cross over the main road and follow another set of power lines through some serious undulating terrain, before hitting a flat out section down to the Mount Molloy Airstrip. From there it’s more up and down, with a few very challenging climbs, before crossing the main road again onto some fast 4wd tracks. Eventually heading back through Wetherby Station again, the course from here follows the undulating Wetherby Stn Road for about 7km before starting the climbs over Bells hill. From the tops of these ridges, the views are pretty spectacular, but only to those who dare to take their eyes off the job. The decent off Bells Hill is fast sweeping 4wd track. A rocky creek crossing marks the end of that decent and a small climb brings riders to the top of the Historical Bump Track. Water will be available here for a top up if needed. The Bump Track consists of 3 sections. A steady rainforest decent down to a rocky creek crossing, a steady rainforest climb back out, then a serious open forested ridgeline decent that drops 350m in 2km’s. You’ll smell the burning brake pads of riders in front of you. You’ll need the flat ride to the beach to let your legs recover after that free fall. Once on the beach, the finish arch is hardly visible from the very southern end, but the south easterly will greet you and help propel you along the hard packed beach at speeds of 40km/h and more. If your legs are still with you by now that is!

Course Profile: Below is the course profile for the 70km race [Click pic to enlarge]. The 35km Classic race will start at around the 30km mark on the graph below.

There is a 6km start loop that is not included in the 63km shown in the profile. Don’t be fooled by the 726m of elevation gain and 1117m of loss, this is no downhill event!!! Some of those spikes in the 1st 25km are around 35% gradient climbs. Compare them to the climb between 40km and 45km marks. That one is Bells Hill climb from last year. Be ready for a challenge and have your climbing legs on.



Site Camping and Parking

The start of the event will be a Wetherby station, noting that parking and camping has been moved to the Southern side of the Homestead for 2013. Please drive in from the Mt Molloy end of Wetherby Station Road and parking will be as per the venue layout below. Traffic will be permitted in and out of the station during the event, noting there is a 400m shared section of road, which will be separated by witches hats. Please drive slowly and obaey the marshal’s instructions.

Camping is available at the venue for a small fee of $20 per car load which gets you hot showers and flushing toilets. Kathy will do a big pasta cook up if you book a few days in advance. Or there is the Historic Mount Molloy pub just 4km’s down the road.







2012 Event Information

Results from the 2012 RRR can be found here (MultiSport Australia)

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