It’s going to be an epic 2018!

The Cairns Mtb Club has been working with  NPSR (QLD National Parks, Sports & Racing) over the last 2 years to approve new trails in the Smithfield Mountain MTB Park. Works have just begun and look set to continue through the year further in the Park!

To get things started, the club is building a brand new Grade (blue) climb and descent in a virgin area of lush rainforest. The trail will start climbing from the entry to Moranas; running uphill parallel to Caterpillers before turning around and descending towards the world champs downhill track.
Follow along as we will keep posting as works progress with sneak peaks and more insight as to what you can expect!
It goes without saying, but we would remind everyone that as the works are within a construction zone, the trail/s are CLOSED to all traffic – please do not cross the bunting to “just see what is going on”.
Once works are complete, the trails will need time to settle. Please wait until the Club advises on the opening of any new trail, as any traffic prior will bring about delays and cost the club more time and money to fix the unwanted damage. PLEASE STAY OFF THE NEW TRAILS.

Please note: during construction we may need to close Caterpillers while the machine is working above the trail from 730-430 so keep that in mind over the coming weeks and keep any eye out for any closures.

We are positive this will be just the first of many new trails for the park this year. As we all know the development of new Trails cost money and Funding Grants are getting harder to Win, so if you would like to see more trails and other trails get a freshen up – why not donate to help get more trails!?

Stay tuned for further details as the Club gets set to launch a trail fund where you can donate & contribute to the future development of trails and general maintenance in your Smithfield MTB Park.

Cheers, and happy trails!