Smithfield MTB Park New Works Update

By May 14, 2018News

Trail Update | May 2018

Works continue in the Smithfield Mountain Bike Park, with Evan Winton and the WintonScapes crew having recently finished work of an all new link, Cuss Cuss Long trail joining Cuss Cuss to the bottom of Stingers (Nationals) right before the Black Snake creek crossing.

An easy decent following old quarry ledges, this trail is a nice Blue Grade alternative to the aged, Black Grade portion of Stingers you otherwise take to reach the Nationals site. Taking a hard turn midway, the trail turns back and follows the Black Snake creek before levelling out and joining back onto the existing link trail to the Black Snake creek crossing.

It goes without saying, these trails are still closed while we wait for some rain to bed in the trail, and berms. It’s sad to see the traffic that has already passed through, and we extend a plea to everyone to do the right thing and stay off until we give the go ahead. These new trails are partly funded by you, through the new Trail Fund, and it’s a waste to have to spend more time and money fixing damage done before new trails are opened!

We are excited to see the trail network expand, and hope this is still just scratching the surface to what is possible in the Smithfield Mountain Bike Park!