Trail Update | March 2018

As you would be aware, the Smithfield MTB Park recently begun new works on the trail network with the support of NPSR, expanding into never-before ridden corridors of lush rainforest and new & exciting terrain.

Works are well underway with the first addition, ‘Centipede‘, having just passed the halfway mark with Evan Winton & the WintonScapes team working their magic. An easy and stead climb starting from the bottom of the ‘Caterpillars‘ / ‘Moranas‘ junction heads up to join the ‘Jacobs Ladder‘, with an exit point at the top and bottom of the feature.

From here, the trail turns back and descends down through the lush and thick rainforest eventually joining back onto the lower portion of the ‘Vines‘ DH segment.

Without repeating ourselves, we remind you to heed all trail closures while works are underway, and to please refrain from exploring closed trails to ‘check out’ and ‘just see what’s happening’. All traffic is unwanted traffic during construction!

We would once again like to bring awareness to the newly established Trail Fund now live on These new trails being built for you, are also partly funded by you. With your donations, the club can expand even further and cover even more general maintenance within the park.

At the moment, since kick-starting the fund, you have helped us raise over $4500, with donations also being made by some businesses supporting the club.

Don’t think this seems like much? Well just for you, we’d like to extend our plea and ask to keep on contributing – because as soon as we reach $5000, you will see a complete makeover of the ‘Black Snake‘ climb with the funds going straight into making this a priority!

The final kick… With the sun sticking about, we’d like to thank you so far for your generous contributions and support by opening up the initial portion of ‘Centipede‘, with the climb to the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder ready to roll by tomorrow, Friday afternoon – just in time for the weekend! We already know you all love those Caterpillar laps!

We thank you again for your contributions and look forward to updating you again soon with more progress! Happy trails…