Most of the Smithfield Trails are now open for riding again.

Please refer to the map on this post for any areas which are currently closed. The most recent extension now takes riders through the event area, as part of the new cross country course. We would ask that vehicles please stay out of this area and it only be used for those doing a lap of the World Cup XC Course.

Whilst the machinery is gone, there is some access to trails leading off the downhill road, including happys, cuss cuss and stingers. Above this the road and downhill tracks are still closed for general access. There may be some vehicles on this road as part of trail construction and testing, so please take care.

Signage has been updated on most trails, including new trail names, trail gradings, warning signs on the more difficult sections and some key trail crossings Note there are some sections you will now need to give way to other riders on. Warning signage has been installed on the cross country on sections that are for experienced riders. Please think twice before committing to some sections and check before you attempt to ride anything new.

A recent change to signage is the climb ‘whiskers o’flaherty‘ from the exit of ‘cadel’s‘ to the top of ‘jacobs ladder’ and ‘myndas’ is a black diamond trail. The blue climb to the top of ‘jacobs ladder’ is up the bitumen access road and past the water tank.

The full world cup Cross Country loop will be marked out in the next few weeks, for those wanting to see what a full lap of this course.

Some of the new signage you will come across on the trails is below. Where you see a give way or give way trail merge sign, please look for other riders approaching on your left or right.

 Trail Crossing on the ring road, at exit of barramundi (second finger) with give way to riders exiting this trail. Trail crossing notice on exit of barramundi (second finger) with caution to slow down. Riders along the ring road have a give way sign. Best to slow down and give other riders a chance to see you exiting this trail. Wrong way sign at the bottom of caterpillars.

The DH course will be officially open soon, and please note if you are ignoring these warnings and riding it anyway, you have been warned the club will not be held liable for your injuries.

Future open gate days to ride the DH, you will need to be a member of a MTBA club and either hold an MTBA race license or purchase a day permit to ride it. So if you have not updated your membership or race license for next year get in and get it done as riding the DH will require both for insurance purposes. This will be strictly enforced, so please take note of this information. This has been a direction from National Parks as this is a UCI level DH course.

Thanks to Glen and the World Trail Crew for their masterful work on the trails, TTNQ, Cycling Australia, Events Qld, National Parks and the Qld Govt (yes they actually gave us something cool), The Cairns Regional Council who have been the back bone of the bid and the event build and all the club members for their support and patience.

Now go ride!!.
The Committee, Cairns Mountain Bike Club