Check out the updated Smithfield Trails map to the right of this post. This includes all of the new World Cup level XC trails and the main event area.

It is also a timely reminder for all riders to be aware of the trail classification system. There are trails at Smithfield ranging from beginner level (green) through to the most advanced level (double black diamond). We would ask all riders to please ride within their own ability, and take care when riding any of the trails in the Smithfield area.


Check out this post on trail signage too and make sure you are aware of the IMBA rated trail grading system and the signs you are likely to come across whilst riding out at Smithfield.

The middle of summer in Cairns, usually means there is a bit of rain around. Rain in the past few days has brought some welcome relief from the heat and settled the dust on the trails. We expect the rain will be around for the next month or two, so please limit your use of the Smithfield Trails, particularly after heavy rainfall. Always remember rule 2 of the IMBA rules of the trail, ‘Leave No Trace’.