Trail Access and Closures

The Cairns Mountain Bike Club has the responsibility of maintaining all of the publicly accessible trails that you enjoy riding. Part of this responsibility includes protecting the areas we ride and as such, there are times when trails need to be closed. Reasons for trail closures can include;

· Whilst an organised club event is being prepared or is in progress, to ensure the safety of those competing and others in the area

· During maintenance or construction activities of existing or new trails where access to trails may be blocked

· Most importantly in times of inclement weather (wet or dry), where riding is likely to cause damage to the trails, or the conditions are too unsafe to ride or be in the area of the trails.

We ask that all of you who enjoy using the networks of freely available mountain bike trails, respect the times when trail closures are in effect.

You will be advised of trail closures through notices on the club website (, social media sites like Facebook ( and at the trailhead, where signage or trail markers will be used to indicate which trails are open or closed.

The climate in Cairns is favourable for riding trails almost all year round and this is what makes it a popular destination for mountain biking and many other outdoor activities. The months of December through to March are also the wettest time of the year, with 75% of the average 2000mm of rain falling in this period. This means that trail closures are to be expected more during these months and some may extend from a week to a month or possibly more. This is where you need to be prepared to look for alternate places to ride, and there are plenty of them throughout North Queensland.

Ignorance is no excuse and failing to comply with a request to stay off the trails when they are closed, will result in warnings and fines. Damage to trails from riding them when they are closed due to wet weather, costs the Mountain Bike Club time and money in repairs. It increases the time for trail maintenance crews, all of whom are volunteers, and would much rather be out riding than fixing avoidable trail damage.

This is not intended to take away from the fun we all have Mountain Biking, it is just a case of being responsible and sensible about when and where you ride your bike.

Happy Trails